Welcome to amilla!

We love sports. And we love marketing. We believe in the power of sport as a fantastic tool to communicate. Because there is hardly anything more emotional than celebrating heroic stories together. These moments stay with us for a lifetime.

As we have vast experience in both event organisation and marketing planning, we can confidently offer a unique 360° service. amilla not only has contacts in 50 countries on five continents, but also offices in Germany, Greece, Poland and Portugal. That’s why we bring a wide range of options to reach your preferred audience – on your doorstep or worldwide. We are also very flexible and support both already finished event ideas or help with the creation of new ones.

Whatever your starting point, we will cross the finish line together.

about us.

We are amilla.
That means we all breathe the fascination of sport and are highly motivated to create moments for eternity.

The first projects started almost 20 years ago, in the summer of 2005. A small idea turned into a love that carries the agency to this day.

The meaning of „amilla“

Ancient Hellenes regarded healthy competition as a virtue and even used a special term for it which is ΆΜΙΛΛΑ (AH meelah).

Άμιλλα was considered very important in ancient Greece. It was especially one of the core values of the spirit of the Ancient Olympic Games along with the «Νούς υγιήςεν σώματι υγιεί» (“A healthy mind in a healthy body”).

The key to that was balance, a harmony between mind and body. And the means of achieving it was through self discipline, training, and education in a diverse array of fields. The ideal athlete studied at length and trained hard, worked to achieve a moral character, played fairly, and performed his or her best.

The athletes had to arrive at the site a month before the games to go through preparation in which they underwent spiritual, moral, and physical training while the judges supervised them.

Only after that month of training did the judges decide if they were genuinely qualified to compete. The youth would be challenged to exercise Άμιλλα during the games, and athletes exhibiting negative attitudes would be disqualified and even disgraced.