Welcome to amilla. We love sports. And we love marketing. We believe in the power of sport as a fantastic tool to communicate.

amilla has offices in Germany, Greece, Poland and Portugal and can therefore offer a wide range of events and possibilities to reach your preferred audience.

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Why to invest in sports?

Why to invest in sports sponsorship

1. Build your brand

Maybe your brand is already well-known. But still you need to show it in positive environments. Sports events are a fantastic place for this.

2. Sell to an emotional target audience

We know that image is important to you. But we know that you also have to sell. So we will help you doing both. We will have superb branding but never forget that in the end you need to be happy with the result.

3. Launch a new product

Sports events are great to transport your message: „Hey, this is new. Try it!“ Let’s send out this message together!

4. Excite them

People watching sports are excited. We will use this atmosphere to excite them for your brand.

5. Tell your story

Storytelling is not easy as it sometimes looks very constructed. With sports sponsorships you have always real and unique stories that will never get boring.



Welcome to amilla. We are passionate about sports marketing and we love sports events. Is there anything better than a picture from a celebrating team jumping up and down with joy?

we are amilla.

Ancient Hellenes regarded healthy competition as a virtue and even used a special term for it which is ΆΜΙΛΛΑ (AH meelah).

Άμιλλα was considered very important in ancient Greece. It was especially one of the core values of the spirit of the Ancient Olympic Games along with the «Νούς υγιήςεν σώματι υγιεί» (“A healthy mind in a healthy body”).

The key to that was balance, a harmony between mind and body. And the means of achieving it was through self discipline, training, and education in a diverse array of fields. The ideal athlete studied at length and trained hard, worked to achieve a moral character, played fairly, and performed his or her best.

The athletes had to arrive at the site a month before the games to go through preparation in which they underwent spiritual, moral, and physical training while the judges supervised them.

Only after that month of training did the judges decide if they were genuinely qualified to compete. The youth would be challenged to exercise Άμιλλα during the games, and athletes exhibiting negative attitudes would be disqualified and even disgraced.


Magische Weihnachten 2020

Wenn wir keine Events für Tausende von Menschen organisieren können, dann bescheren wir eben Tausenden Familien einen ganz besonderen Moment an Weihnachten. Das Weihnachtsfest in Zeiten von Corona wird anders als sonst. Mit dem personalisierten Magic Santa Video sorgen Sie für einen ganz besonderen Moment in 2020. Besonders in diesem Jahr kann der Weihnachtsmann vielleicht …

Amilla und Eintracht eFootball starten in die VBL

bevestor Virtual Bundesliga Premiere für Eintracht Braunschweig Wochen der Planung und Vorbereitung sind nun erfolgreich abgeschlossen. Heute ist es soweit!  Am 10. November 2020 startet die Virtual Bundesliga (VBL) in die Saison 2020/2021. Das bedeutet auch eine Premiere für Eintracht Braunschweig, denn durch den Aufstieg haben sich die Löwen für die Teilnahme an der bevestor Virtual Bundesliga …

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